A first step (bad sock pun)

In which our heroine remembers socks

In starting to knit all over again, I decided to go back to basics. I am a better project starter than project finisher, and that is why I have never knit a pair of socks, despite having knit several socks.

I decided to find a pattern that I really loved and stick to it while reminding myself of basic sock construction techniques. After a few hours spent browsing Ravelry, I chose Melly A. Matthews’ Victoria. I loved the elegance of these socks and the stitch variety (I imagined it would be easier to keep myself interested through two socks with more pattern variation!) and the way the pattern curls to the side as it moves toward the toe.

Another deciding factor was that the pattern is available in both English and German. As I hope to one day publish my own patterns trilingually (in English, German and Scottish Gaelic), using a bilingual pattern seemed a good opportunity.


I have not been disappointed – these socks have been a joy to knit. The pattern is complex, but not so complex that portions of it can’t be memorised. I quickly finished the first sock and began the second. I must admit that I haven’t finished yet, but I haven’t given up hope, either! As my Ravelry project page proudly states, I am 60% finished.

Besides, I could still use my completed sock as the star of a practice photo shoot I conducted in one of my favourite hidden Edinburgh spots back in September.