Slowly, slowly

In which an aspiring knitwear designer begins her journey

Slowly, slowly I’m easing my way back into knitting after a hiatus. I used to knit with urgency, consuming online tutorials and videos with rapid abandon and rushing to finish projects in my frenzy to acquire more skills.

But knitting is an inherently slow process. We build each garment stitch by stitch. I burned out on frustration at the time involved and at the way that my rapidly designed projects never turned out exactly as I’d envisioned them.

Now, I’m returning to knitting with a renewed sense of purpose and more patience. I am discovering patterns I love and taking the time to relish their construction. I’m taking the time to sketch and plan, calculate and swatch. I am not staying up until 2am because I can’t bear not to finish a section (at least not often).

I am designing my own patterns and hoping to sell them, but I am building towards this slowly…. slowly. And when I get there, it will be all the better for the care I’ve taken along the way.

I plan to write about the adventures, successes and failures I have as I develop my designs. If you’d like to read about the creative process, knitting and knitwear design with occasional tangents about history, culture, folklore and the beauty of Edinburgh, I hope you will join me along the way.